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API & code benchmark platform for DevOps teams who are serious about performance. Ship 10x code reliably and consistently.

Compare performance across your code, builds, releases.
Continuous performance regression testing for your CI/CD pipeline.

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Quick Highlights

Deliver 10x code consistently and reliably. Benchmark builds, releases, algorithms, code, libraries, APIs. Integrate performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline.

  • CyBench
    Speed-test Your Java Stack

    Test the speed of your Java stack (JVM) on any platform in minutes, compare results across VMs, containers, cloud, bare-metal. Experiment with various settings, libraries.

  • CyBench
    Benchmark Your Code

    Create performance scorecards of your code, builds, releases. Track performance drift, spot slow code early in the release cycle. Catch hidden performance hotpots.

  • CyBench
    Benchmark Libraries, APIs

    Benchmark open source and 3rd party APIs included in your project. Measure performance limitations if your project’s dependencies, libraries, platforms.

  • CyBench
    Build, Bench & Deploy

    Benchmark code, APIs as part of your CI/CD pipeline. Integrate with Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Eclipse, IntelliJ, GitHub, JUnit. Optimize code for cloud deployment.

Who is CyBench for?

  • CyBench
    Software Developers
    • Be 10x developer, build 10x code
    • Easily create, run code benchmarks
    • Continuously optimize for performance
  • CyBench
    Performance Engineers
    • Benchmark performance across code, APIs
    • Choose best performing configurations
    • Continuous performance regression testing
  • CyBench
    Product Managers
    • Deliver 10x software faster
    • Measure and improve user experience
    • Reduce & optimize compute cloud costs
  • CyBench
    Software Architects
    • Make quantifiable design decisions
    • Track performance across builds, releases
    • Integrate performance benchmarks into CI/CD

Code benchmarks are hard. We make it easy & fun.

Benchmark your Java stack in minutes

Speed test your Java stack across various platforms, VMs, settings and configurations.

  • Benchmark Java stack with various options, settings
  • Speed test Java core services, collections, encryption, IO
  • Speed test Java performance across VMs, containers, cloud
  • Upload, compare, share your benchmarks with your team, community
  • Choose best performing APIs, algorithms, libraries, GC settings
  • Support for Java 8+ and Java Microbenchmark Harness (JMH)
Effort: No coding required

Download CyBench Launcher and run benchmarks.

Code benchmarks as part of CI/CD workflow

Deliver 10x software faster. Add performance benchmarks into your CI/CD pipeline. Start benching builds, releases, code, libraries, APIs.

  • Measure performance changes over time (benchmark history)
  • Continuous performance regression testing across builds, releases
  • Find slow code, libraries, algos, APIs early in development
  • Integration with TeamCity, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, JUnit, TestNG
  • Integration with GitHub, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, CI/CD tools
  • Deploy faster code, optimize AWS, Azure, GCP costs
Effort: Download, bench, optimize, deploy

Download and install integrations. Create and run code benchmarks.

Deliver 10x software faster

Benchmark builds, releases, code, libraries, APIs.

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