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Tracking performance drift across releases (Case Study)
How code benchmarks and CyBench can help track performance drift across releases in an open source logging framework -- TNT4J.
Getting Started with CyBench (Video)
We put together a quick video showing how to start with CyBench code benchmarks in less than five minutes.
What are the benefits of doing code benchmarks?
What are the benefits of doing code benchmarking? It's a very different way of working than the one that most people are used to. Our industry is full of big hairy metrics, and when you start to dig down into the details, it's a lot more complicated than it seems.
Micro vs macro benchmarking
Micro vs macro benchmarking is a recurrent topic on Hacker News. People debate on whether they should measure the performance of a small piece of code or the performance of their whole app. Micro benchmarking is certainly better than macro benchmarking. But it is not always the case.
New CyBench Explorer Released
We just released a new version of our CyBench Explorer. More exciting updates are coming soon, including GitHub integration.
CyBench IntelliJ Plugin v0.4-a released
CyBench IntelliJ Plugin v0.4-a released, which allows developers to create, run and compare code benchmarks from IntelliJ IDEA environment.
Performance must be engineered from the very start
You need to measure the performance as you are developing the application. If you don’t know how the application performs during development, you might end up with a product that will not work as it should.
Benchmarking vs Load Testing
Benchmarks are short duration tests designed to see how a system performs under a specific load. Load testing is a longer duration test that simulates how the system will perform under real world conditions.
Blockchain and performance testing
The blockchain is a whole new way to think about systems, services, and processes. It offers security and transparency that is extremely valuable for the financial services industry, but it may also be relevant for other sectors. It’s a potentially disruptive technology—a technology that may put many organizations out of business.
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