Can code benchmarks save you money?

    Can code benchmarks save you money?
    • In a word, yes. The ability to identify and correct performance issues early can save you serious money. Poorly performing code can cost your company in excess of $100,000 per year. In many cases, it has cost companies over $1,000,000 per year. This is especially true for fully digital companies.
    In addition to monetary costs, poor performance can affect the quality of your software, which can lead to lost customers, bad user experience, impact on your reputation. Delayed time to market is another cost that can be incurred when performance is poor.

Is it really that important to measure performance?

    Yes, it is extremely important. As mentioned earlier, performance is a key to success. You must be able to show to your clients, customers, or your boss that you are making the necessary improvements to code in order to meet the needs of your users.

Who is responsible for measuring performance?

    It is critical that the entire team is responsible for performance. You should be measuring performance on a regular basis. Code review, bug triage, performance & benchmark reviews should all be used to measure performance.

What is the purpose of performance reviews?

    A performance review is a meeting between the developer and the person responsible for measuring the performance of the application. The developer explains the code and the architect explains why it is slow. Usually, this is the reverse of what you would expect. The architect should be responsible for explaining how the application works, and the developer should be responsible for explaining why the code works the way it does. Code benchmarks help facilitate such discussions with real data and help your team chart the course of action.

Do you need to be a good programmer to measure performance?

    Absolutely not. The point of measuring performance is to find areas of improvement. It is not necessary to be a good programmer to do so. You can use a code benchmark tool to measure the performance of your code, and then analyze the results. Then use these results to optimize your software before shipping or deploying to production.
    You measure the performance of your code in a controlled environment and then use that data to track performance changes as your code and its dependencies change over time.

Do you really need a code benchmark tool?
If you are serious about performance, then you need a code benchmark tool. Code benchmarks are a key to measuring and tracking the performance of your code.

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