CyBench Eclipse plugin v0.6-a released

Just released a new version of CyBench for Eclipse, which lets developers create, run and compare code benchmarks directly from Eclipse.

Download plugins here.

  • Fixed issue that when Maven project folder “src/test/java” does not exist
  • Added a field “Classpath arguments” to the “CyBench Run Configuration” panel
  • Updated benchmark report name to be either user defined or : or .
  • Updated “CyBench Explorer” location to be on the upper right side for all perspectives.
  • Updated CyBench plugin branding with new icons.
  • Updated “CyBench Generate” appear conditions that it is not enabled in wrong context.
  • Fixed issue regarding report URL, and now navigation when click Chrome icon shall work.
  • Other bug fixes found during test and trial phase.

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